LTC Activities


  1. Supervise the teaching staff at the LTC.
  2. Preparing plans and syllabi for the different courses that are necessary for the development of the language teaching process in the university.
  3. Supervise and prepare the non-academic activities that enhance the students' abilities and skills in different languages, in general, and English language in particular.
  4. Be responsible for translations for the conferences held at the university, research papers, and brochures.
  5. Develop and prepare the placement test as well as taking the responsibility to hold it for all the new coming students.
  6. Conduct workshops for academic staff to ensure excellence in teaching and learning.
  7. Participate in conferences held in and outside the university.
  8. Conduct the Spelling Bee competition in the English language at the university and at schools; the aim of this competition is improving the students' spelling.
  9. Give lectures to school teachers and students, aiming at fostering voluntary work.
  10. Give lectures and training to the LTC teaching staff.
  11. Revitalize the English Language Society and the Club of the Arabic language, Culture and the Palestinian Folklore.